Aim of Ayurveda

“Prayojanam chasya swasthasya swaasthya rakshanam athurasya vukara prasamanah” - Cha Sa
Protect health of the healthy and alleviate disabilities in the diseased.

Ayurveda focuses on two objectives: Preventative aspect and Curative aspect.
Preventative aspect focuses on maintaining health by raising awareness of regimens and protocols for maintaining health and immunity. And curative aspect deals with providing relief to the diseased using herbal remedies, therapies and recommends subtle alterations to dietary habits and lifestyles.
The important aim of life is to achieve the Purushaarthas (the four principles of life – Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha), which necessitates a healthy body and mind and that can be attained through Ayurvedic guidance.