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‘Breath is Life, Breathe with awareness; Breath vitality’

 The word Pranayama derived from two words, Prana means ‘life force or vital energy’ and Ayama means ‘control or extend’. Pranayama is, therefore, the Sanskrit word meaning the series of breathing techniques or exercises which help to modify the Prana or Vital energy or control the life force or breath.

Breathing is a natural phenomenon. It is usually automatic, continues during sleep and even in a conscious state. Breathing can control subconsciously too. When our breathing is not complete and full, most parts of the lung are not working the best. Pranayama is an exercise or training for the lungs to intake the maximum air, slowly and deeply to all areas of the lungs and release the complete air out. Thus increases the lung capacity, the body receives more oxygen (Prana) and releases the carbon dioxide efficiently. When our body releases the carbon dioxide properly out, automatically the breathing mechanism reduces. More oxygen intake activates the parasympathetic nervous system, thus your body becomes calmer, relax, heart rate slows down and functions the best.

How we can help you:

One who can control the breath can control the mind. Controlling the mind helps to control our emotions and handle challenges easily that life puts. ‘Healthy mind; healthy body’. With a high level of stress and constant demands facing in our life, we often forget to breathe deeply and properly. We can train and guide you ‘How to breathe slowly and deeply to handle the stress and challenges’, through Pranayama techniques, and to bring more calmness, relaxation, healing and happiness in your life. The sessions are guided by our Ayurvedic physicians, we teach and offer Pranayama according to the body constitution and health issues (if any).