Dosha Quiz

Find Your Predominant Dosha

In Ayurveda, there are three vital energies or functional capacities which are present in everyone and everything with an overall control. These functional capacities or fundamental principles- Vata, Pitta and Kaphatogether are called Doshas. Each individual has a unique ratio or combination of these three doshas, which is termed in Ayurveda as Constitution or Prakriti. As each dosha expresses a unique blend of physical, mental and emotional characteristics, this can be used to understand an individual completely.  Understanding our qualities or characters (the strength and weaknesses), we can choose the right lifestyle and diet suitable to our constitution.

Our Dosha Quiz reveals which dosha is predominant in you to find your right path for maintaining and improving your health, to live a happy life. Each of the questions had three options to choose from referring to a property attributed to Vata, Pitta or Kapha. Simply answer the question and choose the most accurate answer from the options. You should be considering looking to how you usually feel (Please note that when someone has had an imbalance for much longer and can become confused about what is their constitution and what is their imbalance).

In the end, we can provide you some lifestyle and diet recommendations that suit with the predominant dosha.

Note: The test gives you an idea on- what is your predominant dosha and how Ayurveda reveals out the constitution. To get more clear and confirmation on your constitution, please get the help of a qualified Ayurvedic physician or practitioner.

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Find your Predominant Dosha

Which best describes your physical body type?

Which describes your body movements and walking style?

What type of body weight you have?

How you best describe your teeth?

Which group describes your skin texture?

Which best describes the general state of your tongue?

Which best describes your eye characteristics?

Which best describes your nose?

Which describes your body joints?

How would you best describe your body temperature?

How would you describe your speech?

How often do you have bowel movement?

Which describes your appetite and digestion?

Which emotional states you most experience?

How would you describe your decision-making process?

How do you describe your sleep?

Which best describes your energy level?

Which describes your mind and thought process?

How would you best describe your memory?

Dosha Quiz